Laision Officer Selected for 2016 From ESA Circle Perth

Nominated Laision Officer for 2016 from Everest Summiteers Association :


We would like to congratulate all the circle Perth selected Laision Officers and wish them very best to perform their duties and responsibilities during the period of expedition inspection on 2016.

Finally the ESA executive board member has successful nominated 5 trained professional Laision Officer among 12 interested applicant candidates on 2072/12/02. on behave of represent of NMA associate, NNMGA Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, NMIGA Lakpa Sherpa with the formal satisfactory of decision were forwarded in meeting.

Nominated name list for 2016 Laision Officer from Everest Summiteers Association respectively;

1. Ang Pasang Sherpa (C/no:94/6796/250) Mt. Everest

2. Ang dorje sherpa (C/no:101012/91) Other name

3. Shiva B. Sabkota (C/no: 45274 ) Other mountain

4. Nurbu Tshering Sherpa Lama (C/no: 74496/211002/9546) Other mountain

5. Yuvraj Dulal (C/no: 12722/9774 ) Other mountain

Selection of Liaison Officer (L.O)

Small Notice Announcement For Liaison Officer (L.O) Selection.

This is to inform to all those Everest Summitter's applicant to submit their all required documents for the Liaison Officer nomination for 2016 before the last closing date of 13th march 2016. (falgun/30/2072)

Official announcement has been made on social media on fb/page of ESA as well. .

Please once go through it.

For more details information


ESA office in Tilganga




Required documents are as follows:

1. Everest Summit Certificate copy

2. Liaison Officer Training Certificate copy

3. S.L.C Certificate copy

4. Citizen copy

5. Pp size photo 2pic

Upcoming Programs

11th December 2016 Everest Summiteer Association AGM

This is to inform all our general member that ESA is going to held its Annual General Meetinng on the auspicious occasion of international mountain day. The agenda and Venue of AGM will be fixed in upcomming board meeting of ESA. We will keep update and inform about the AGM of ESA.Thank you

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