About Us

Mount Everest has always been an icon for mountaineers all over the world. Up until 29th of May 1953, this formidable mountain stood unconquered. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay changed that and open up a whole new dimension of mountaineering. The mountain is now the most revered peak in the world and thousands of people make summit attempts on the mountain every year.

The environmental impact that mountaineers have had on this mountain has not gone unnoticed, nor has the social and cultural impact expeditions have on the Sherpa people that inhabit the area around Mountain Everest.

Little do we think that climbing Everest is only about the mountaineer, it goes much further beyond that, the path of a mountaineer, successful or unsuccessful touches the lives of many and also impacts the environment. With that in mind, we have formed this association to raise awareness and also act upon the issues that have arose with the environment, Sherpa’s well being and the culture of the people living in areas of mountaineering.

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