ESA has collected 1.957 tons garbage

Everest Summiteers Association has collected 1.957 tons of garbage in the Everest region in spring 2012. Last year the association had collected 8.1 tons of garbage. This year the association had conducted the cleaning in order to provide continuation to the cleaning campaign. The campaign was conducted under the supervision of First Vice President of Association, Mr. Kame Sherpa. The campaign also had the participation of the General Secretary of the association Mr. Diwas Pokhrel.

Out of 1.957 tons, 1.314 tons of garbage had been brought to Namche Bazar and handed to SPCC. TheĀ  remaining 643 kg. of garbage has been brought to Kathmandu. This garbage will be utilize to make souvenir with the help of "The Mind Tree Creative Services" an Art Workshop MT-8848 Everest Art Project I.

Everest Summiteers Association (ESA)

The Everest Summiteers Association (ESA), has been established to bring together summiteers who have achieved the ultimate glory of reaching the peak of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the World. We strive to use our strength, passion and intimate knowledge in an untied campaign to raise awareness about environmental, social, cultural and safety issues that arise with mountain climbing, not just in Everest, but throughout the entire Himalaya.

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