ESA Handovers Land For School

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19th July, 2015. Everest Summiteers Association has purchased one Ropani land and handed over to Shivalaya Secondary School, Chhermading, Okhaldhunga. The financial support was provided by UK Sherpa Association, UK .

Mr. Lakpa Rongdu Sherpa , General Secretary of  Everest Summiteers Association handed over the Lalpurja ( land document) to the school's Principal Mr. Tankanath Nepal in a program. In the handover program President of  Patle Sherpa Samaj was also present.

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Ms. Maya Sherpa , President of Everest Summiteers Association said that the association has been conducting and helping various social works since a long time. The Vice President of the Association , Mr. Diwas Pokhrel said that they will be helping in such programs and projects in the future as well.

The school has been running on rented land. "After the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 the building is damaged, thus classes are running in temporary shed", said the school's Principal.

Everest Summiteers Association Celebrated Everest Day 2015

28th May 2015. Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) celebrated Everest Day 2015 by organizing 'Everest day and Condolence' program in Kathmandu.

In the program Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Kripasur Sherpa said that the existing problems in tourism will mostly be solved by next year. He further said that the government will address the problems of mountaineers.

Mr. Lakpa Rangdu Sherpa, General Secretary of ESA pointed out the lack of coordination between the government and the mountaineers.

Mr. Diwas Pokhrel, Vice President of ESA urged the government to be serious not only towards Everest but also to the mountain region. He said that the use of machineries like generators are effecting the Everest region to a great extent. "2000 litres of urine excretion everyday, haphazard use of helicopters, loud noise in the base camp are some examples which are against the peace and fragile environment of Everest. This has created a question mark in the future of Everest", said Mr. Pokhrel.

Ms. Maya Sherpa, President of ESA said that there were problems in the mountain region every year. "Rather than exaggerating the issue, it is better to make an image assuring that Nepal is a secured destination. The small problems will not hamper tourism", said Ms. Sherpa.

In the program appreciation certificates were distributed to the organizations and individuals who had contributed in collecting fund, organizing relief campaigns and distribution of relief materials to the earthquake victims. The certificates were given away by the Tourism Minister Mr. Kripasur Sherpa and Tourism Secretary Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha.

Restoration & Rebuild Program Conducted in Sindhupalchok

27th May 2015. Continuing the relief campaigns, Everest Summiteers Association organization conducted one more relief campaign in word No. 4, Barna Jethal VDC of Sindhupalchock district on 27th May 2015. Sindhupalchock is the most affected area due to earthquake.

The restoration and rebuild program was made successful by the donation provided by US Nepal Climbers Association, USA. In the campaign Zinc sheets were distributed to 60 households.

On the occasion ESA's General Secretary Mr. Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa said that the climbers abroad are equally worried about the devastation and have contributed their available resources to overcome this catastrophe.

The leadership of the relief campaign was taken by Mr. Lakpa Rangdu Sherpa, General Secretary of ESA. He was supported by Executive Members Mr. Shiv Bahadur Sapkota, Mr. Ang Kaji Shepa & Ridar Lhomi Bhote. They were accompanied by Journalist Mr. Sanjok Acharya of Gorkhapatra National Daily.

Everest Summiteers Association welcomed to new Tourism Minister

25th May. The Executive Committee of Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) met newly appointed Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr. Kripasur Sherpa and congratulated him for his successful tenure.

On the occasion, President of ESA Ms. Maya Sherpa informed the activities of ESA. Minister Sherpa shared that the tourism industry has lots of problems and issues and further said that he was quite familiar about tourism and would try to solve the problems as much as possible. He pointed out the necessity of the associations' advises and help.

Mr. Diwas Pokhrel,Vice President, Mr. Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa, General Secretary and similary General members Mr. Shiva Bahadur Sapkota, Mr. Ridar Lhomi Bhote, Mr. Ang kaji Sherpa were present on the occasion.

Support provided to the climbers' families of Patle, Okhaldhunga

19th May. In continuation of support to the victims of April 25 earthquake Everest Summiteers Association(ESA) provided Rs. One Lakh Eighty Thousand to 18 bereaved families of Patle, Okhaldhunga. They had died in the avalanche while trekking in Langtang.

ESA's General Secretary Mr. Lakpa Rangdu Sherpa handed over the cheque to Mr. Pasang Wang Sherpa of 'Patle Sherpa Samaj Okhaldhunga'. Mr. Sherpa said that the money will be given (Rs. ten thousand each) to the 18 climbers' families who lost their lives in April 25 eatrhquake.

ESA's president Maya Sherpa, Vice President Diwas Pokhrel were present in the occasion.

Relief fund provided to Earthquake victims of Langtang

17th May 2015. In the course of providing relief to the earthquake victims, Everest Summiteers Association ( ESA) handed over a cheque of Rs. 2.5 lac to the victims of Langtang. The provided fund will be used to build bath rooms and toilets. The victims have been living in temporary shelters in Yellow Gumba, Ichangu Narayan, Kathmandu.

In the program Ms. Maya Sherpa, President of ESA said that the association will help the victims for their sustainable development. She further said that since Langtang is one of the major mountain tourism destination, ESA wants to once again develop Langtang region.

Mr. Diwas Pokhrel, Vice President of the Association said that the associations like Nepal Mountaineering Association, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal and tourism related stake holders should come forward and help these victims. He further said that ESA is ready to join hand in hand with these victims and will take initiative to talk with stakeholders.

Temba Lama, Co-ordinator of Langtang Earthquake Disaster Victims and ESA's Treasurer Pema Diki Sherpa expressed their views in the program. ESA President Maya Sherpa, Vice President  Diwas Pokhrel, Treasurer Pema Diki Sherpa, Executive member Ridar Lhomi Bhote, Pasang Lama Tamang and Public Relation Officer Sita Pokhrel were present in the program.

Relief Materials distributed in Dolakha District

12th May 2015. A team of Everest Summiteers Association has reached Simi Gaun, a very remote area of Dolakha district. The team has distributed mattress, tarpaulin and food items to more than 120 families.

Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa, President of 'Friends of Nepal' helped with the arrangement of transport. The money sent by World record holder summiteer Mr. Nawang Sherpa and his team was used to buy relief materials. The locals were really happy after getting the relief materials.

The destination was in a very remote place with frequent danger of falling landslides and broken roads. However, the team was successful in reaching the place and distributing the relief materials.

The relief material was distributed in the leadership of Maya Sherpa, President of Everest Summiteers Association. She was supported by Vice President Diwas Pokhrel, Treasurer Pema Diki Sherpa, Chiring Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa. Mr. Diwas Pokhrel , Vice President of the association thanked all the people and organizations who had donated for the mission and also the team for the support.

Earthquake victims in Nepal get help from United States of America

8th May 2015. Everest Summiteers Association has started distributing relief packages in its leadership. The relief material was distributed in the eastern part of Kathmandu in Deurali, Dharapani, Jhule and Saankhu area. "The relief fund was given by the Nepalese well-wishers", said Maya Sherpa, President of the association. Similarly, Nawang Sherpa , world record holder Summiteer who is residing in California, United States and Everest Summiteer Sherap Jangbu Sherpa, New York ( USA  Everest Summiteers Association ) have provided fund for the relief campaign.

The names of the people and the fund will be made public in coming days. The initiative taken by the association has been supported by organizations like Nepal Education Promotion Society, Himalayan Women's welfare Society and Nepal Women's Mountaineering Association.

Program for the distribution of relief materials will be in the remote areas of Dolakha, Nuwakot and Rasuwa. "The organizations as well as persons are welcome to support this program", said Lakpa Rangdu Sherpa, General Secretary of the association. As per him the program is being successful with the help of dedication from ESA's president Maya Sherpa, Vice President Diwas Pokhrel, Treasurer Pema Diki Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa. Similarly, it has been receiving continuous support and help from Sharan Ratna Sthapit, Lava Kumar Shrestha and Sita Pokhrel of Nepal Education Promotion Society.

Award Distribution Program by Everest Summiteers Association

4th March 2015. Everest Summiteers Association organized Award Distribution as well as Talk Program on 'Mountain Tourism and Role of Summiteers in Mountain Tourism' in the capital yesterday. The association's founder President Mr. Wongchu Sherpa was awarded with 'Everest Social Service Award 2015'. The award was handed over to Mr. Sherpa by the Chief of the Program, Mr. Bal Bahadur K.C.,the former Minister for Culture , Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister. Similarly Mr. Diwas Pokhrel, founder General Secretary of Everest Summiteers Association and Guest Editor of Hindu Weekly was awarded with 'Everest National Citizen Service Award 2015'. Mr. Prithvi Subba Gurung, the former Minister for Culture , Tourism and Civil Aviation and Special Guest of the program gave away the award to Mr. Pokhrel. In the same program the newly elected Executive committee was congratulated for their tenure. The program was Chaired by Ms. Maya Sherpa, President of Everest Summiteers Association and hosted by Mr. Madan Chudal, Secretary of Everest Summiteers Association.


In the program the Chief Guest Mr. Bal Bahadur K.C., Special Guest Prithvi Subba Gurung , Director General of Department of Tourism Mr. Tulasi Gautam, NMA President Mr. Ang Tshiring Sherpa, Immediate Past President of Everest Summiteers Association Mr. Wongchu Sherpa, TAAN President Mr. Ramesh Dhamala, President of Himalayan Rescue Association Mr. D.B. Koirala, Entrepreneur Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa highlighted on the importance as well as problems in the tourism. There was growing concern about the reducing number of tourists in Nepal due to the lack of infrastructure development in the country.

Mr. Diwas Pokhrel, Vice President of the association made clear about the important role played by the association in 14 years for the development of mountain tourism. He said that if shelters (homes) could be made for mountaineers , they would be motivated to work in this sector. He also emphasized the government to protect the right and welfare of the people working in the tourism .

A newly elected executive body is formed in Everest Summiteers Association. Ms. Maya Sherpa is the new President of Everest Summiteers Association, Mr. Diwas Pokhrel-  Vice President, Mr. Lakpa Rongdu Sherpa- General Secretary, Mr. Madan Kumar Chudal- Secretary, Ms. Pema Diki Sherpa-Treasurer of the association. Similarly , Mr. Shiv Kumar Sapkota, Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa , Ridan Lhomi Bhote and Pemba Sherpa are elected as members.

ESA took part in International Climbers’ meet California, U.S.A.

President of Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) Mr Wongchu Sherpa and General Secretary, Mr. Diwas Pokhrel participated in the ‘International  Climbers  Meet’ held in Yosemite Valley, California, USA on 8-12 August 2012.

Many renowned international climbers attended the meet. The President and General Secretary of ESA informed all the climbers about the mountain environment of Nepal. They also distributed souvenirs among the climbers.

Felicitation Programme Organized

Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) organized a felicitation programme to honour World Record Holder Mountaineers, Personalities and Organizations on September 13, 2012 in Kathmandu.

Mr. Post Bahadur Bogati, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation distributed award and certificate to Mr. Kame Sherpa, World Record Holder Summiteer who climbed Mt. Everest three times in nine days in Spring 2012. Award and certificate were also given to Ngim Chhamji Sherpa, a 16 year old Everest Summiteer for scaling Mt. Everest in very small age. In the programme, Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, Chairman of Asian Trekking was felicitated for his contribution to promote Mountain Tourism in Nepal. Ms. Sita Pokhrel, Public Relation Officer, Everest Summiteers Association was felicitated for her voluntary work in the association for the last ten years.

Everest Summiteers Association (ESA) was able to bring 8.1 tons of refuse from Everest (From South Col to Base Camp) in spring 2011 under ‘Saving Mount Everest 2011/2012 Project’. ESA was also able to bring 1.95 tons of garbage in spring 2012. Government of Nepal and many organizations had put hands together to make the project a success. All the participant climbers who took part in the cleaning campaign and all the organizations that helped and supported the project were felicitated in the programme.

Mr. Diwas Pokhrel, General Secretary of Everest Summiteers Association demanded ID cards for Everest Summiteers. The ID cards from the government would give certain facilities in the hospitals, education and in airport.

Mr. Wongchu Sherpa, President of ESA described about the beaurocratic difficulties faced before the cleaning campaign of spring 2011. He also urged the government to issue ID cards.

Mr. Post Bahadur Bogati, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation applauded the cleaning campaign done by ESA. He further said that he will be cooperating with the association for solving the problems of the summiteers.

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